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Obtainium Performance Products is a trusted provider of premium titanium products and high-performance racing solutions. Obtainium supplies retailers throughout North America and the world with high-grade titanium springs, titanium fabrication,  lighting systems, titanium hardware, adapters and more.  We offer the best titanium quality aftermarket spring and hardware kits. We pride ourselves in the detail we put into each product.

Work all about giving time, resources and capital into something that will ultimately make people happy. At Obtainium we strive to please on many levels by being involved in activities and events that are meaningful to us and others.  It also allows us to receive valuable input into how to better our products for you.


What sets Obtainium apart from the competition? Our customer service is unmatched, and our mission is to provide high-end products at an exceptional market value.   Obtainium Performance Products Designed in the great white North West! info@obtainiumperformanceproducts.ca   A sign in one of our retailer’s locations: Quality is King Obtainium Performace Products

 All our products are manufactured under strict accordance under ISO:9001 standards

Keeping it Green: Obtainium is located alongside the Indian Arm Inlet, in the rainforests of North Vancouver, on Canada’s beautiful west coast. This is a very wild and green area, so it is only natural that we not only take pride in our product making and design, but also our record for recycling and ensuring our presence has an absolutely minimal impact on our surroundings.  We do this by:

  • We use our non-potable water for our on-site gardens and use hybrid wind power where we can for our machines
  • All our shavings and excess metals are recycled and/or melted down again.
  • Items that do not pass the quality test are melted down and recycled with third parties.
  • Office materials including printer cartridges, are recycled, while paper is shredded and used for packing.
  • We make and repair many of our prototypes by recycling parts.
  • Shipping materials including cardboard packing is all 100% reused material, so don’t panic if you see another logo, in addition to ours, on your shipment from us!
  • To conserve energy, heat from our heat treating ovens is used to heat the building during our long Canadian winters.

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