Why Titanium?

Many of our fellow riders and friends have asked us why they need to upgrade to titanium components. Perhaps the most obvious is that titanium alloy is quickly becoming the metal of choice, not just in cycling, but various other applications.

Why is titanium alloy so popular? We can sum it up into three main reasons:

  • Titanium has incredible strength and durability, even at extreme temperatures
  • Titanium is lightweight, in many components over 30-50% lighter than steel
  • Titanium is corrosion resistant

For many, titanium may seem like a costly upgrade. However with its corrosion resistance and durability, Grade 6-4 titanium is alloyed to stand the test of time. Forget about replacing rusted steel bolts and springs every few seasons.

The weight savings are also undeniable. With components and hardware that is on average 30% – 50% lighter than steel, many riders would say the minimal savings on rotor bolts and hardware is not necessary, but every competitive racer will tell you. Every little bit counts.

At Obtainium we’re proud of our Ti products. Not only will they give you a lighter, faster ride, but they’ll also provide you with years of use.