Obtainium Centralizer

Made of 7005 Alumimum, designed to be light and to allow for the spring to seat centrally on the shock.

They have CNC grooves machined into the base to allow for minimal surface contact thus reducing friction.  This will allow the compression of the spring to be more fluid.

Some shocks, Fox RC4, have a smaller I.D. then our springs: 36.3mm. These take up the space and allow for a precise fit.

Pick up a set of these to keep that spring central, square and well mounted.

Ti Spring reduction system.


Some rear shocks have rubbing issues when paired with a heavier weighted, therefore larger diameter spring, is installed.

For example a Fox RC4 paired with a DSP Ti spring weighted 600lbs and up. This will not work that well and most likely will rub the reservoir.

Our 38mm ID springs will also rub a Fox RC4 shock reservoir when fitted with a heavier weighted spring.

All of our 36.3mm ID springs will fit all RC4 shock in all weights.