Here you can find our warranty policy and request form:

Obtainium Performance Products Inc. produces in strict accordance with product quality certification system and control standards, in order to ensure long-term use for the betterment of our customers and the company.

1. Within one year from the date of purchase, considering normal use, any manufacture defect, will be replaced free of charge.

2. Within one year, due to misuse or damage caused by self-demolition, a cost crash replacement and processing fees will be offered to the customer.

3. The following is not within the scope of warranty, maintenance or replacement only service:

A. Damage to all man made factors, including non-normal environment use.

B. User unauthorized removal, to repair, modify or change any state of the product will void the warranty.

C. The adverse own transport or other force majeure (ie. fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) caused by damage.

4. Obtainium Performance Products Inc. reserves the right to interpret these provisions.

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