Titanium Springs

obtainium_titanium_springsObtainum ti-springs are specially pean-blasted and heat treated, making them the most durable and corrosion resistant titanium springs on the market. Read on..


Performance Lights

Obtainium G.2 Light

Our 1200 lumen lights are incredibly bright. Take a peek at the Burner, Afterburner and Generation 1 MultiLight. You won’t be dissapointed! Read on..


Camera Mounts

Obtainium rotor bolts

Keep your hands on the bar and take video or stop and take some great shots of your favorite trail! Our mounts are compatible with most digital cameras and are ideal for sightseeing and trail riding. Read on..


Obtainium CentralizersMade of 7005 Alumimum, designed to be light and to allow for the spring to seat centrally on the shock. Read on..

Bar Tape

obtainium_titanium_springsMore great product from Obtainium. Soft, comfortable and durable. Isn’t it time to replace your old tape? Read on..